Amy. 18. Italian.
I'm made of supernatural, teen wolf and sherlock like martin freeman is made of jam, kittens and rage.
hardcore DESTIEL & STEREK shipper
I live a tyler hoechlin's teeth appreciation life
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"The bright light of my darkest days"

A prequel to my mermaid AU i drew some weeks back. He is “holding” a necklace clock that is magical and belongs to a human, Derek has Ariel syndrome and keeps a lost and found bag filled with human junk.

I will explain more each new drawing I make, and im not telling who the human is yet so feel free to guess :D

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"Look Derek, a shooting star! Close your eyes and make a wish."

The Mccall Pack + minimalist

make me choose - anonymous asked: tyler hoechlin or derek hale

If he asked, I’d be his.

I’m wet, I’m all wet… (x)

3B meme:
[2/6] Characters: Derek Hale.

Will Poulter joking around during his acceptance speech for Best Kiss at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Dylan O’Brien + The Maze Runner Cast


Tyler complimenting Dylan’s skills and acting like usual. 

make me choose: isaaaclahey asked: finn/clarke or bellamy/clarke