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I'm made of supernatural, teen wolf and sherlock like martin freeman is made of jam, kittens and rage.

I live a tyler hoechlin's teeth appreciation life

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favorite character meme: two emotions



Background Hobrien :)


Milan/Paris Men’s Fashion Week 2011  ‘Teen Wolf’ actor Tyler Hoechlin was featured in the inside story of August Man Malaysia August 2014 issue. Photographed by Bryan Kong.
MilanParisMFW @TylerL_Hoechlin from @MTVteenwolf featured in @AugustManMY Photographed by @bryankjins Styled by @VoJuliet


Tyler Hoechlin discusses fanfiction.

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Teen Wolf AU - Sterek AU

During dinner Eric Hale is slightly irritated by Stiles and Derek flirting with each other, because how could he miss that there is something going on between his  best friend  and his older brother.

"After listing to "Rude" by Magic, Tyler Posey texted Dylan O’Brien about starting a reggae band."


"But like a full service date? With a three course dinner, movies and a sleepover? And a dessert?"
"You need to define what do you mean by dessert…"
"Okay, with dessert."

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